Xuancheng Kaisheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established on April 3, 2020, with its address at No. 99 Qingliu Road, Xuancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a holding subsidiary of Xuancheng Kaisheng Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. We mainly produce lightweight, flexible, and efficient copper indium gallium selenium thin film solar cells and component products.

  Flexible thin film solar module products are suitable for public buildings, industrial and commercial building roofs, portable mobile energy and other fields. The company can provide various Type system solutions. Flexible thin film solar module products are light, thin, flexible, tough, easy to install and other characteristics. They overcome the problems of traditional crystalline silicon products that are heavy, thick, inflexible, and easy to crack. At the same time, they have the characteristics of good weak light effect, anti attenuation, and anti blocking. They are important solutions for distributed power generation, vehicle and ship power generation, and Internet of Things power supply. They have broad market prospects and create a new business model of "mobile energy".

  The company has an excellent technical team in the industry. Through the agglomeration effect of mobile energy industry, it has established a public platform for mobile Energy development to form a cluster of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" and "Military-civil fusion" enterprises with mobile energy as the core. The company will build a mobile energy industry chain in Xuancheng and strive to become a leader in the mobile energy industry! The company is committed to empowering everything with flexible solar energy technology, making life better!